Tai Chi Jasper Double Headed Cobra


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Weight:  237 grams

Size:  8.5cm tall x 6.5cm wide x 4cm deep

Here we have a unique Tai Chi Jasper (also known as Taiji Jasper and Tai Chi stone) two headed cobra snake. This great looking double headed serpent is carved to perfection showing the most intricate of details. 

Tai Chi Jasper (Taiji Jasper) also known as Tai Chi Stone can be found in Japan. It is said to bring peace and stability. This stone encourages healthy alignment of the yin and yang energies to one's mind body and spirit. This Jasper is very grounding and allows one to feel stability and at peace.

Tai Chi Jasper provides stamina and endurance, stimulating physical energy, giving you the determination needed to see things through.  It assists with providing you with compassion and motivation, bringing with it an overall feeling of contentment.

Tai Chi Jasper is very similar to Zebra Jasper but with a different growth pattern. 

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