Heavens Gems & Wellbeing is an Australian owned home based business. 

I started to work with crystals after an injury where I had been under medical care for several years and I started to feel that I needed that extra something! 

Yes the medical profession had taken great care of me physically and even mentally but I was missing something deep within myself, my soul and purpose was missing.

A family friend had studied Reiki and crystals for several years and she had set up her own practice and after two Reiki sessions with her I was hooked. From there I started to explore Crystal healing, Reiki and other healing practices myself and thus began my journey on learning and self-discovery.   

Why open an online store? 

I was in love with the crystals and their  powers! I decided to open a store where I could bring the joy and healing powers of crystals,  to other crystal healers and enthusiasts  at more affordable prices. Of course I also get the added bonus of  working in a beautiful crystal environment discovering new and magical gifts from mother nature.