Septarian Turtle


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Weight: 22084 grams (2.084kg)

Size:  18.5cm long x  8.5cm tall x 13cm wide

This Septarian turtle is a large piece. Hand carved in detail this Septarian turtle would love to come home to you and will truly complement your collection.

Turtles are symbols of protection and retreat, turtles are also powerful symbols of healing. 

Bring more love, kindness, and sincerity into your life, and enhance your communication in so many different levels with Septarian.

Also known as Septaria, Septeyre, and Dragon Stone; within Septarian the yellow parts what you see is Calcite, and the brown is Aragonite. A good stone to have when experiencing a crisis, keeping you calm & collected to help prevent you from taking any further missteps. Assists in calming your nerves and removing traces of nervousness from your body.

Ideal stone to worn or carried if you will be speaking in front of many people. Its energies infuse you with confidence and strength so that you will be able to command attention.

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