Rhodonite Star


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Weight: 25 grams

Size: 4cm x 4cm

Rhodonite is a stone of grace and elegance. It decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail. It works beneficially on the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love and increased service to mankind. It is also a calming stone.

Rhodonite is also a stone of contrasts. The bright pinks indicate energy that enhances passionate love. The shiny black indicates grounding energy. This stone can help one have a passionate love that is also grounded. Assists you in becoming aware of the subtle energies that surround you and to ground them. It is also a great stone for expressing love. Perfect for maintaining your centre and personal power, giving you the strength to stay true to yourself.

Physically it has been known to help with emphysema, joint inflammation, light sensitivity, strep throat and heart disorders. Strengthens your ability to be heart centred. Calming and energising. It helps us stay centred in Divine energies especially when under stress, whether it be from the environment, emotional or mental.

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