Pink Tourmaline Tumble Stones - Cubes


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Size: 2cm priced per piece

Pink Tourmaline is a great stone for Self-love, compassion, promotes feeling of joy and enthusiasm as we release our old hurts. Helps us to trust in the power of love. It brings cognitive awareness and experience of Universal Love. Pink Tourmaline provides support to those working with it, creating balance in emotional and intellectual states and strength in adverse conditions. It also works to bring strength, courage, and conviction to one’s endeavours that are based on Love.

It helps one to gain the courage to overcome issues that hold the heart hostage, such as abusive relationships and negative work situations, and to recognise how why these issues come to be in one’s life. Bringing the power to break free of such conditions, Pink Tourmaline can then provide emotional support for the transitionary period when one is learning to live free of these destructive patterns that no longer serve.

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