Blue Onyx Tumble Stones


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Size: 2-3cm

Blue onyx tumble stones are  wonderful stones to have, especially if you’re feeling flighty or restless, because they will help stabilize and focus your attention.

Blue onyx tumble stones are strengthening stones that will help you approach a task or a lesson or task with confidence and positivity. They will get rid of the distractions and increase your motivation.

Blue Onyx is a stone that will increase your happiness and contentment in life. It will also enhance your intuition and strengthen your resolve in changing your bad habits.

It’s a strength-giving stone that will be good for people who are always under extreme physical, emotional, or mental stress.

It will help you reduce or eliminate the stress and allow your body to cope with the demands of life.

Blue Onyx will bring balance to your body and mind, and it will strengthen it so that you will overcome all your challenges.

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