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Size: 1cm

Tigers Eye is a wonderful protective stone and useful as a talisman. It is great for self-discipline, releasing inhibitions, boosting willpower and finding clarity.  It supports addictive personalities to make changes and helps one to see what it is they really need, as opposed to what it is they want.

Tiger Eye grounds people who are spaced out and who have trouble committing. It enhances intuition and psychic powers and aids in collecting information so it can be used. It is helpful in resolving internal and external conflicts, it brings about peace, alleviates depression and lifts moods. It also assists with financial stability, prosperity and new experiences.

Physically, Tiger Eye treats the eyes, throat and reproductive organs. It reduces pain and is helpful for repairing broken bones, wounds and bruises.  It is also excellent for digestion and stomach issues as well as alcoholism.

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