Terahertz Tumble Stones - Cubes


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Size:  2cm

The perfect crystals for healing and relaxing, these Terahertz tumble stones emit a soothing vibration that will help you feel grounded and at peace. If you’re looking for a way to de-stress, these cubes are for you.

Terahertz stone is a man-made mineral that releases strong healing vibrations that work on decreasing stress and fatigue induced by daily hustles. This potent vibrating stone clears and calms your mind so you can use your brainpower in the most efficient way. 

Terahertz is made of silicon and generates a very high oscillating frequency as well as thermal conductivity. It is widely known for its power to regulate the energy flow in the body.

Terahertz stone is an excellent energy provider tool. This silver gemstone supplies you with a healthy and potent energy flow to be highly productive and efficient while performing tasks or working on goals that are requiring a high brainpower stream. 

Terahertz stone emits potent healing vibrations that promotes a healthy blood flow and boost the vitality of the whole body.

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