Spider Web Jasper Witches Hat

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Weight:   100 grams

Measurements:  6cm tall x 5cm deep x 5cm wide

Spider Web Jasper, also known as Net Jasper is nurturing stone whose energies are birthed from the womb of the Divine Feminine Aspect. It’s gentle vibration of love, soothes our nerves, mind and emotion all the way into the depths of one’s soul. It restores balance and stability and teaches us the deeper meaning of compassion inspiring a gentle and kind approach to our interactions with self and others.

Spider Web Jasper weaves a web of light to remind us of our connection to the Flower of Life blueprint and opens our awareness to our interconnectedness to the universal force that vibrates throughout the universe. It grounds and strengthens our connection to the richness of Earth and her selfless giving and the vital life force energies of the Divine Feminine that support all aspects of our lives and unfolding. It embraces us with a strong vibration of protection that deflect, neutralizes or absorbs the lower vibrations of negativity and renews our trust that we are held and guided by the loving hand of the Divine.

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