Phosphosiderite Chips


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Size: 1cm

Phosphosiderite is a grounding and stabilizing stone that has a strong spiritual connection. This is a perfect addition to your meditation or spiritual practice. You can use these chips in a bowl or on a cloth as a sort of home altar.

Phosphosiderite is an excellent stone if you wish to connect with your spirit guides. It will facilitate a stronger spiritual connection. 

It will also bring your life balance and stability. It’s a good stone to help you access past life memories and open your third eye chakra.

Phosphosiderite has a lovely and soothing vibration that will relieve your stress. When you use this stone in meditation, its healing properties will resonate with all your chakras.

When you use it for meditation, it makes a strong third eye and higher heart chakra connection.

The energies of this stone will make a strong connection with your third eye as well.

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