Moss Agate Dragon Head


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Weight:  237 grams

Size: 10cm long x 4.5cm wide x 5.5cm high

This is the most stunning Moss Agate dragon skull that certainly captures your attention and has the most beautiful energy. The Moss Agate Dragon Skull has all the stunning mossy tones you can expect from this earthy crystal and has been so expertly carved to show the wonderful features of the fabled creature. It is a stunning collectors piece and will make a statement in any collection or home.

Moss Agate is known as a growth crystal, it attracts abundance in all forms, bringing wealth and prosperity to new business and financial institutions. It is also  such a wonderful crystal for your collection as it helps self acceptance.

Moss Agate grounds excessive spiritual energy, it brings stability, courage and a feeling of settlement.

Green Moss Agate also enhances creativity.

Moss Agate is great to put into your plant pots or in the garden to help with the growth of plants, trees flowers etc. Similarly, it can help with the growth and transformation of a person. It can link you to all life on earth and puts you on a path of spiritual growth and inner stability.

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