Manifest Your Intentions Smudge Stick


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Size: 15cm x 4.5cm

*The listed price is for ONE smudge Wand

Hand-rolled with seasonal herbs and botanicals ; Mediterranean Sage , Callistemon , Rosemary, Lavender, Holy Basil , Chamomile Flowers, Sweet Marjoram, Dehydrated Rose Petals , *Jacaranda Needles, Pine Needles, Ground Pimento spice, *Corn Husk, Mandarin & Orange Zest.

Beautifully bound with 100% Cotton Yarn

Be specific and have clear intentions. You must believe that you are worthy enough of a bright existence. Raise your vibration; stop judging yourself and others. Clear away your clutter and make room for the new. Take care of your body, mind & spirit. What you manifest has already been imprinted. What is meant for you is already there waiting for you. What is truly yours will be delivered in the perfect time.

 Best before: 2023

“How to use a WGI Smudge Wand” instruction guide included

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