Kiwi Jasper Tumble Stones


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Size:  3cm

Kiwi Jasper can absorb negative energies. It is a balancing stone that helps to align our physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm. It helps with dream recall and can facilitate shamanic journeys.

Kiwi Jasper is an excellent nurturing stone. It is a stress reliever during times of stress. It is a calming crystal and helps us feel relaxed, peaceful and tranquil. It is a great stone for those who work as healers, counselors or therapists.

Kiwi Jasper helps to raise our spirits and lifts our mood. Kiwi Jasper is also excellent for those who are looking for fair play and justice for all. It also helps those that are overcoming addictive and compulsive behavior. It gives us emotional strength and energy that we need to face reality.

Kiwi Jasper is good for general aches and pains. It may also help to balance the mineral content of the body. Kiwi Jasper, like all Jaspers, is a sustaining stone and can help when extended periods of hospitalization are necessary.

Kiwi Jasper helps to cleanse and align our chakras and cleanse our aura.

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