Jade Elephant


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Weight:  40 grams

Size:  5.5cm long x 2.5cm wide x 4cm high

Elephants are considered symbols of good fortune that bring many positive characteristics or powers.  

Jade Crystal stones have been utilized for many years, not only because of their attractive appearance and aesthetic beauty, but also because of the tremendous energy they contain.

The vibrations of the jade stone are excellent for uplifting individuals and delivering them all of life's blessings. It was once thought to be a stone of good luck and pleasure. Jade is a generous stone that brings wealth and good fortune. Jade is commonly worn for good luck, but it may also aid in healing on many levels, including emotional, physical, and spiritual. 

Jade offers you strength and knowledge, allowing you to rise above life's negativity.

Jade is a cleaning stone that also improves our physical well-being. It is helpful for filtration and treating renal issues since it removes impurities and helps to balance fluids in our bodies. 

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