Clear and Purify Mini Wand


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Cone Size: 11cm long x 4cm wide (top) x 2cm wide (base)

*The listed price is for ONE smudge Wand

Hand rolled with seasonal herbs : Mediterranean Sage (salvia fruticosa) , Lavender , Dehydrated unscented Rose Petals

Beautifully bound with 100% Cotton Yarn

As you clear away stagnant energy, be assured, you are loved, watched over and protected. Stay with loving thoughts, have clear intentions and don’t be afraid, you already have the inner strength and courage to see it through. Allow the smoke to cleanse and purify your space, have faith you’re always surrounded with love and blessings. 

 Best before: 2023

“How to use a WGI Smudge Wand” instruction guide included

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