Candle Quartz Cluster


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Approx. Weight: 1265g

Approx. Measurements: 10 x 12 x 7cm

Candle Quartz is a light-bringer for the planet and for those assisting the Earth to change vibration. It brings hope and also your guardian angel closer, highlights your soul purpose, enhances intuition, and attracts abundance – bringing a sense of abundance in every day life, opening one spiritually and energetically to abundance and prosperity.

It is also good for working in a group, as it radiates love, creating harmony.

Candle Quartz brings healing to the hurt inner child, helps to heal ancestral lines, and karmic inheritance. It dissipates feelings of oppression, depression, and despair, while creating tranquility and confidence.

These sweet crystals teach you that you are never truly alone, when you connect to the core of divine love in your inner being. Independence, heart healing, and feeling good about your body are also benefits to the energy they can support you with.

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