Black Jade Crow


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Weight:  240 grams

Size:  10cm high x 12cm long x 3cm deep

Crow Totem Meaning: Crow is connected to mystery and magic and symbolises change. Crow encourages you to take stock - decide if where you are is where you want to be and if change is needed, to get very clear about where it is you want to be. Crow has been characterised as 'the trickster' in some cultures - but could be encouraging us to be fast thinking, imaginative and prepared to swoop in when an opportunity presents itself...

Jade Crystal Lore Meaning: Jade has long been revered as a stone of good fortune, good luck, wisdom, harmony and tranquility. In addition to this, each different colour adds its own influence.

Black Jade, like all black stones, this is a stone of protection but also assists us in releasing fear and negativity.

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