Angel Aura Quartz Cluster


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10cm x 7cm x 7cm high

Angel Aura Quartz is a stone whose appearance can’t help but to stir up feelings of ethereal realms and otherworldly wisdom.

Angel Aura Quartz, also known as Aura Lite, is the name given to Quartz that undergoes extreme heat (1600*F) and then coated with a special blend of metals such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These minerals create the iridescent glow that Angel Aura Quartz displays, as well as enhancing the sheer power of this stone.

If you’re a bit skeptical of how a stone produced in a lab can have true metaphysical properties, that is completely normal. However, it’s important to understand that these crystals are actually extremely powerful for two reasons:

  1. Transformative process. Anytime you expose a natural element to fire, heat, or water, it undergoes a transformative process that heightens its natural metaphysical properties and can make it even more powerful than it was in its original state. 

    Transformation of these stones also helps them guide us in our own personal transformation and foster needed changes. 

  2. Additional Elements. When combined with the precious metals during the CVD heating process, these crystals take on the combined power of the original crystal element and the metals that are bound with it. The result is a stone twice as powerful as the origins. 

Angel Aura Quartz’s strength lies in its ability to connect you to others and to the spirit realm. By improving your meditative state during mediations, it helps you become a willing vessel that can easily receive information from your spiritual guides and from the universe as a whole. 

Angel Aura Quartz is also able to connect you to the angelic realm and strengthen your own aura, making it more accessible for spiritual beings to access you and connect with you. 

A highly vibrational stone, some users who are especially sensitive can feel the warmth and vibration of the stone upon touch. If you can’t, don’t worry. You can still access the healing and spiritual powers of this stone.

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