Large Chakra Crystal Tree

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Size:  35cm tall x 9cm x 9cm base

Base: Material:      Wood

Crystals:  700 individually hand-wired crystals.

This stunning large Chakra crystal tree is made from genuine crystals, silver colour wire and sits on a wooden base. 

The crystals on this large chakra crystal tree include Amethyst (meditation & spirituality), Lapis Lazuli, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz (healing and energy amplification), Carnelian (motivation and creativity), Green Aventurine (luck and love) and Yellow Aventurine (manifesting and abundance). Working together these crystals can repel negative energies and offer a balanced and stabilising vibration to bring a calming, nurturing and cleansing feeling to your space.

Chakra Crystal Trees are a beautiful way to bring the crystal healing energy into your home. Chakra crystal trees symbolise stability, growth and abundance. Surround yourself with the healing energy by placing a chakra crystal tree in your sacred space, the living space of your home or your work environment. Each crystal has a different energy and will focus on different areas of your wellbeing. Surround yourself with the good vibes of crystals and let their positive energy benefit your overall wellbeing.

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