Green Howlite Turquoise Tree on Clear Quartz Base


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Size:     20cm tall x 7cm x 7cm base approx.

Base: Material:     Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystals:  150 individually hand-wired crystals.

Turquoise Howlite is a great stone to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you. Turquoise is associated the throat chakra and communication. Howlite can help to access higher wisdoms during the dream state and bring it back into consciousness when awaking.

Howlite Turquoise is dyed Howlite.  It can also be known as Turquonite or Turqurenite.  It has all the generic properties of Howlite but additional properties associated with its colour.  

Crystal Trees are a beautiful way to bring the crystal healing energy into your home. Trees symbolise stability, growth and abundance. Surround yourself with their healing energy by placing a crystal tree in your sacred space, the living space of your home or your work environment. Each crystal has a different energy and will focus on different areas of your wellbeing. Surround yourself with the good vibes of crystals and let their positive energy benefit your overall wellbeing.

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