Unakite Turtle


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Weight: 51 grams

Size: 5.5cm long x 4cm wide x 3cm high

The turtle has been depicted as representing good luck, and long life.

Unakite has gentle but powerful energy, it is also a good protection stone.

Unakite brings unconditional love of humanity, connection and reunion.

Unakite is considered very helpful for pregnancy and childbirth. It can help with healing of abandonment and separation issues.

Unakite is said to benefit the heart, circulatory system, female reproductive system, male reproductive system (to a lesser extent), and ease pregnancy.

Unakite aids those have difficulty in releasing their emotions.

Unakite aids in this release with the release causing a period of transition. The transition being positive, helps develop general awareness. It’s a beautiful energy that searches for truth in all things and helps to find and identify the underlying causes, regardless of which plane they exist in.

Zodiac - Scorpio
Planet - Mars & Venus
Element - Fire & Water
Vibration - Number 9

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