Spirit Quartz Cluster


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Weight: 529 grams

Size: 7cm h x 11cm l x 7cm d

Spirit Quartz is certainly a stone that is worth having in your collection. If you are on a spiritual journey this lovely crystal may assist you to move forward more quickly.

Spirit Quartz radiates an immensely powerful healing energy from both its main crystals and the druzy crystals covering it.  This magnified energy stimulates us physically, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally while focusing our energy on deciphering the core of our issues or dis-ease.  It is an excellent stone to use in groups as it promotes unity and harmony, encouraging teamwork and a willingness to work together for a common cause.  It has a profound connection to our Crown Chakra and can assist us in achieving deep states while meditating, shamanic journeying or during astral travel.  Spirit Quartz shields our aura and transmutes negativity around us allowing us to remain calm and peaceful.  A highly spiritual stone, Spirit Quartz wants us to live the life we deserve and will do its part to raise our vibration and connect us to our higher self.

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