Five Ways You Can Choose A Crystal

There are many people who believe that crystals find us. That's because it is very common for someone to pick a crystal based on its appearance, only to realize that the healing properties of that crystal are just what that person needs at that moment in time.

As long as you choose a quality crystal, there's no right or wrong way to select one.

Here are 5 methods that may help you to choose a crystal/s that are right for you.

Method 1 - 'The Calling'

To follow this method, may I suggest going to our Tumbled Stones page where you can see a wide selection of stones all at once. Then, follow these steps:

Make a note of any stones that pop out at you immediately. Don't click on them and don't read anything about them - just write down their names. Here are some questions to help you with this step.
  • Which one are you drawn to because of its beauty?
  • Which one tugs you energetically as you pass your eyes over all the different stones?
  • Which one just feels like it's calling out to you?
  • Which ones are calling out to you to touch them?
Now spend a little time gazing at each different stone (again without reading anything about them). As you do that, be on the lookout for the following:
  • Notice any emotions that come up as you gaze at a stone.
  • How does its appearance make you feel?
  • Close your eyes and imagine holding it in your hand - notice if your hand becomes warm or if you feel any sensations or subtle vibrations.
  • Ask your higher self to guide you and follow your intuition.

Notice if any of the ones you were immediately drawn to also made a lasting impression on you after you spent a little time gazing into the image. If so, those are the ones to start with.

Click on the stones that you were drawn to the most in steps 1 and 2, and read about them. Our guess is you'll be surprised at how much they align with what you are looking for in your life right now.

Method 2 - 'For the Chakra's'

If you want to balance a certain chakra, choose a crystal that corresponds to the chakra you wish to open or balance. Different crystals emit different frequencies that resonate with different chakras.

Therefore, if you know that a certain chakra is out of balance because of certain symptoms you are experiencing, you can choose a crystal to heal that chakra imbalance.

Below is a very basic table as an example:


Method 3 - 'Crystal Applications'

Another option is to choose your crystal for it's how that crystals attributes can positively improve your life.

For example:

You are feeling that you require more love in your life, be it romantic love, family love or self love you may look at stones like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Emerald just to name a few. Below are some basic examples of needs and their related stones, this is by no means an exhausted list:

Ambition - Goldstone 
Awareness - Howlite 
Balance - Zebra Jasper 
Calming - Blue Tiger's Eye 
Cleansing - Clear Quartz 
Communication - Blue Quartz
Compromise - Rhodonite 
Confidence - Bronzite 
Courage - Tigers Eye 
Creativity - Yellow Quartz 
Emotional Healing - Rutilated Quartz 
Empowerment - Aquamarine 
Endurance - Red Jasper 
Enlightenment - Azurite 
Good Luck - Blue Goldstone 
Happiness - Citrine 
Harmony - Sodalite 
Hope - Leopardskin Jasper 
Intuition - Amethyst 
Love - Rose Quartz 
Magical - Labradorite 
Magnetism - Tiger Jasper 
Manifestation - Citrine 
Motivation - Carnelian 
Order - Blue Quartz 
Peace - Lepidolite 
Perseverance - Yellow Jasper 
Power - Smoky Quartz 
Protection - Black Tourmaline 
Power - Lodolite 
Stability - Hematite 
Strength - Black Onyx 
Survival - Red Tiger's Eye 
Transformation - Ametrine 
Truth - Amazonite 
Unification - Emerald 
Vitality - Garnet 
Wholeness - Green Quartz 
Wisdom - Chevron Amethyst 

Method 4 - 'Choose for symptoms'

It can sometimes be helpful to search for stones that are known to alleviate specific symptoms as well. While most of our product descriptions are written to show you how each stone can improve your life, there are also great books written such as "Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall" that can help align your symptom with the best crystal.

Method 5 - A beginner Crystal Kit.

When all of the above is too much and you just want to start experiencing the benefits of stone energy, you can pick up a beginner crystal kit. For example, you can't go wrong with our Chakra Crystals Healing Bag, which contains 7 of the most effective mineral crystals or our Crystal Healing box that contains 9 of the most frequently used crystals.

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